Vt. H.S. Soccer: 2020 Boys All-Mountain League Selections

Hazen senior Isaiah Baker is an All-Mountain first-team selection. (File photo by Paul Hayes)

The 2020 All-Mountain League boys high school soccer selections as reported to the Caledonian-Record.

League Winner: BFA-Fairfax (6-0)

Player of the Year: Matt Spille, BFA-Fairfax

Coach of the Year: Jake Hubbard, BFA-Fairfax

First Team

Levi Webb, Enosburg, Jr., F

Foster Hutchins, Enosburg, Jr., F/MF

Blair Archambault, Enosburg, Jr., M

Matt Spiller, BFA-Fairfax, Jr., D

Isaac Decker, BFA-Fairfax, Sr., MF

Carl Bruso, BFA-Fairfax, Sr., F

Hussein Amuri, Winooski, Sr., D

Yusufu Mami, Winooski, Jr., F

Dylan Bearce, Oxbow, Jr., GK

Ethan Shopland, Hazen, Sr., GK

Isaiah Baker, Hazen, Sr., MF

Jadon Baker, Hazen, Soph., F


Second Team

Shea Howrigan, Enosburg, Jr., D

Ethan Hogaboom, Enosburg, Jr., D

Brendan Deuso, Enosburg, Sr., M

Ethan Jackson, Enosburg, Jr., GK

Kolton Gillian, BFA-Fairfax, Sr., GK

Owen Demar, BFA-Fairfax, Sr., F

Luca Chayer, BFA-Fairfax, Soph., MF

Ekyoci Lumambo, Winooski, Sr., GK

Emmanuel Omar, Winooski, Jr., F

Sebastian Syharaj, Winooski, Sr., D

Cody Hall, Hazen, Sr., F

Reed Kehler, Hazen, Jr., MF

Tyson Davison, Hazen, Jr., F/MF

Tyler Rivard, Hazen, Soph., D

Ryder Voganschneider, Danville, Sr., D

Jacob Baesemann, Danville, Sr., MF


Honorable Mention

Peter Steibris, Enosburg, Fr., D

Danny Antillion, Enosburg, Soph., MF/F

Eric Antillion, Enosburg, Sr., D

Kam Lovelette, Enosburg, Sr., F/MF

Adam Degree, BFA-Fairfax, Sr., D

James Boyd, BFA-Fairfax, Sr., D

Bryce Ilsley, Oxbow, Sr., F

Cameron Roy, Oxbow, Fr., F

Nuru Mami, Winooski, Jr., MF

Ayoob Musanovic, Winooski, Jr., MF

Shabani Omar, Winooski, Jr., MF

Thien Nguyen, Winooski, Sr., D

Asbin Mangar, Winooski, Sr., MF

Hussein Abdulaziz, Winooski, Soph., D

James Montgomery, Hazen D, Soph., D

Lincoln Michaud, Hazen, Soph., D

Nick Joyal, Richford, Jr., MF

Xavier Wood, Richford, Jr., MF

Jacob LeClair, Danville, Sr., GK


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