Vt. H.S. Soccer: 2020 Girls All-State Selections

North Country's Riann Fortin (seen in photo) and teammate McKenna Marquis were named to the Vermont Division I All-State team. (File photo by Paul Hayes)

The Vermont Soccer Coaches Association 2020 All-State girls high school soccer teams as reported to the Caledonian-Record.

Division I

Carol Herbert, Burr and Burton, Sr., GK

Charlotte Connolly, Burr and Burton, Soph., F

Willa Bryant, Burr and Burton, Soph., B

Jocelyn Chun, BFA-St. Albans, Jr., MF

Payton Karson, Burlington, Sr., MF

Ruby Wool, Burlington, Sr., D

Brooke Booska, Colchester, Sr., D

Olivia Moore, Colchester, Sr., GK

Leah Lamothe, Colchester, Sr., D

Jess Klein, CVU, Sr., D

Josie Pecor, CVU, Sr., F

Catherine Gilwee, CVU, Sr., MF

Olivia Zubarik, CVU, Sr., MF

Olivia Morton, CVU, Sr., MF

Souma Mitra, Essex Sr., MF

Natalie McMahon, Essex Jr., MF

Willa Clark, Mt. Mansfield, Sr., MF

Anna Betz, Mt. Mansfield, Sr., GK

Chloe Cichanowski, Mt Anthony, Sr., B

Riann Fortin, North Country, Sr., F

McKenna Marquis, North Country, Sr., GK

Kendra Sabotka, Rutland, Sr., F

Camryn Kinsman, Rutland, Jr., F

Grace Johnson, South Burlington, Jr., D

Madison King-Thurber, South Burlington, Jr., MF

Madeline Benoit, Spaulding, Sr., D

Halle Pletzer, Spaulding, Sr., MF


Division II

Emma Ezzo, Fair Haven, Sr., GK

Megan Ezzo, Fair Haven, Sr., MF

Brittany Love, Fair Haven, Soph., MF

Emma Briggs, Fair Haven, Sr., F

Katie Blood, Hartford, Jr., D

Tanum Nelson, Harwood, Jr., F

Louisa Thomsen, Harwood, Soph., MF

Ashley Proteau, Harwood, Sr., MF

Ivy Doran, Middlebury, Sr., MF

Beth Poirer, Milton, Sr., D

Avril Desautels, Milton, Sr., CM

Sam Orest, Milton, Sr., F

Sienna Mills, Montpelier, Soph., F

Melanie Winters, Montpelier, Sr., MF

Savannah Scrodin, Mt. Abraham, Sr., D

Mia Politano, Otter Valley, Sr., F

Emma Blanck, Rice, Sr., D

Khadija Hussein, Rice, Sr., GK

Haley Streeter, Springfield, Sr., D

Caroline Kirby, U-32, Sr., F

Payton Gariboldi, U-32, Sr., D

Ireland Hayes, U-32, Sr., D

Sasha Kennedy, U-32, Sr., F


Division III

Sophie Burns, Enosburg, Sr., MF

Megan Severence, Enosburg, Sr., D

Emily Adams, Enosburg, Jr., D

Zoe McGee, Enosburg, Jr., GK

Alex Hutchins, Green Mountain, Sr., GK

Kim Cummings, Green Mountain, Jr., F

Eva Svec, Green Mountain, Jr., D

Carly Lane, Leland and Gray, Sr., D

Malori Carlson, Mill River, Jr., GK

Aniika Wagner, Stowe, Jr., GK

Madi Powers, Thetford, Jr., MF

Emma Berard, Thetford, Sr., GK

Hannah Kelly, Vergennes, Sr., MF

Ema Gernander, Vergennes, Sr., B

Elliot Rupp, Windsor, Jr., F

Evelyn Page, Windsor, Sr., MF

Blake Southworth, White River Valley, Sr., MF


Division IV

Liza Morse, Danville Jr., CM

Zoe Crocker, Danville Jr., Sweeper

Ava Marshia, Danville, Jr., F

Macy Molleur, Hazen, Sr., F

Alleigh Gabaree, Hazen, Sr., GK

Molly Sanderson, Long Trail, Sr., F

Audra Marcus, Long Trail, Sr., B

Taylor Blodorn, MSJ, Jr., MF

Emma Blodorn, MSJ, Fr., F

Grace Hayes, Poultney, Sr., B

Hannah Welch, Poultney, Soph., MF

Hannah Webster, Poultney, Jr., F

Maggie McKearin, Proctor, Jr., F

Laci French, Proctor, Jr., MF

Isabele Greb, Proctor, Fr., F

Jasmine Traverse, Proctor, Jr., B

Hope Kelley, Proctor, Sr., B

Cora Day, Rivendell, Sr., GK

Kylie Taylor, Rivendell, Jr., MF

Lydia Eastman, Sharon, Sr., B

Abigail Gross, Sharon, Sr., B

Kiana Grabowski, West Rutland, Sr., MF

Serena Coombs, West Rutland, Jr., GK


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