About Magdalena

Age: 17

School: Lyndon Institute

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic

Parents: Michaela and Martin

Siblings: Johana, 19

Highlight Reel

♦ A great leaper with a dynamic serve, the dorm student from Prague was a force around the net and all around the court in helping Lyndon to a nine-win season and a berth in the Division I quarterfinals.

♦ Voldrichova was a Vermont Division I All-State first-team pick and selected to play in the Twin State senior All-Star game.

College Plans: I came to the U.S. with a clear plan. I wanted to graduate from an American high school and then go back to Czech Republic and finish my secondary education there. Then apply to a university in Prague. But the more I experienced American education the more I have been thinking about applying to college here. It would be an awesome opportunity if I could combine playing volleyball in college with studying.

Coach Says: “Magdalena is an amazing athlete,” said Kasey Potter. “She works hard and brings her teammates up. She is so natural on the court. When approaching the net, she floats through the air. It is magical watching her play.”

Favorite moment from the season? My favorite moment from the season was my senior night. All of my friends showed up to support me and cheer me on in my last home game. I also really enjoyed the bus rides, where my teammates and I would sing along to our favorite songs.

With the holiday season here, what are you most grateful for? Since I am a dorm student, I’d say that right now I’m most thankful for the people I met here, including the volleyball team and friends I made living in the dorms. I’m also very grateful for the support I got from my family. All together, they helped me to be the best volleyball player I could be.

Did you reach your goal this season? Was there one you didn’t attain? As I walked into the season I had no specific goals. I just wanted to showcase my best skills I learned over the past eight years playing volleyball. But towards the end I accomplished more than I expected. I was chosen as one of the players to represent Vermont in the All-Star game against New Hampshire. And I realized I would like to continue playing volleyball in college.


The Record’s Volleyball Players of the Year

2019: Lyndon Institute’s Magdalena Voldrichova

2018: Lyndon Institute’s Lyle Hansen

2017: St. Johnsbury Academy’s Emma Carlson


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