About Olivia

Age: 17

School: Lyndon Institute

Grade: Senior

Hometown: East Burke

Parents: Michael and Michelle

Siblings: Nick, 15

Highlight Reel

♦ In just her second year playing field hockey Matteis led Lyndon in scoring with 12 goals and 10 assists, including a hat trick against Milton. She was the team’s second-leading scorer last season.

♦ A captain and team leader, the three-sport athlete [ice hockey, lacrosse] was chosen to the Capital League first team.

♦ Skilled on the ball, the relentless forward played with power and tenacity in helping guide the Vikings to nine wins and a berth in the Division III final four.

College Plans: Hoping to attend University of Vermont, play club sports and study nursing.

Coach Says: “Olivia exemplifies many talents, athletic abilities, leadership and academic excellence,” said Roxanne Courser. “She is always working to improve her game, which brings the best out in all of our team members. She has been a pleasure to coach for the past two years.”

Favorite moment from the season?

My favorite moment was when our team went into overtime against Stowe, a very challenging team. The minutes were counting down and we were in our defensive zone struggling to get it out. After a shot was kicked out by our goalie, I took the ball out of the zone and passed it to Sadie Bora, who scored the winning goal.

With the holiday season here, what are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for my family, especially my parents. They have been there for me at every game, home or away, no matter the weather conditions. They have taught me skills and knowledge that I use in my everyday life and they push me to be my very best. Not only do I look up to them, but I go to them when I need help, despite the issue.

Did you reach your goal this season? Was there one you didn’t attain?

Becoming athlete of the week was my goal at the beginning of the season. Every game I pushed myself to my very best because I knew that every game counted. I definitely surpassed my goal with becoming field hockey player of the year. Never would I have imagined that I would receive this title and I am more than honored to have received it. Through my experience in playing field hockey for Lyndon Institute, I’ve gathered a greater appreciation and love for the game. I would not have been able to accomplish nearly as much without the help from my coaches and teammates.


The Record’s Field Hockey Players of the Year

2019: Lyndon Institute’s Olivia Matteis

2018: St. Johnsbury Academy’s Lilly Laufenberg

2017: Lyndon Institute’s Falicia Lynch

2016: Lyndon Institute’s Brianna Gingue

2015: White Mountains Regional’s Sam Newell

2014: North Country’s Brittany Fortier

2013: Littleton High School’s Aleigha Langtange


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