Summer’s Here, So Are Players

ST. JOHNSBURY — July 8 drew a large group of NEK Senior Tennis Club members for two hours of highly competitive action at the Kiwanis courts.

Ned Andrews continued to have another good season, going undefeated on Court 1. In the battle for runner-up, Geoff Whitchurch won 13 games, while Tom Powers (11) and John Sayarath (10) also gave Andrews a run for his money.

With 19 games, lanky lefty Richard Smith was dominant on Court 2. Steve Bennett (14) Scott Whitcomb (13) and Alan Rowe (12) played hard in the spirited competition.

In the tightest action of the evening, Jeff Nummelin prevailed with 15 games to just outscore Rick Stodola (14), Ron Brokaw (13) and David Pierce.

In the lone singles match, Ben Reed outlasted Brian Devereaux on the SJA court. In clay-court action in Barnet, Mitch Sullivan was a clear winner at 18 games, Arne Johnson tallied 13 as runner-up, Mark Gleicher (11) was third, and Harry Cornelius (10) fourth.


Sox Cut Ties With Oft-Injured Thornburg

The Red Sox released pitcher Tyler Thornburg on Wednesday, putting an end to his disappointing career with the team.

Thornburg, 30, was acquired at the 2016 winter meetings in a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers for infielder Travis Shaw and minor league prospects. The Sox envisioned Thornburg as a key piece, a set-up man for closer Craig Kimbrel, and were willing to part with Shaw, who had shown power as a versatile infielder for the Red Sox in 2016.

Thornburg missed the entire 2017 season after being sidelined for thoracic outlet syndrome surgery. He pitched in only 41 games over the next two seasons because of injuries and ineffectiveness. His career with the Red Sox ended with 42 2/3 innings pitched, a 2-0 record and a 6.54 ERA.

Shaw, meanwhile, became the Brewers’ everyday third baseman, slugging 31 homers in 2017 and 32 in 2018. He has struggled this season, hitting .164 with six homers in 57 games before being sent down to Triple-A on June 28.


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